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Apollo (USA)

Located in Southern California, Apollo offers the world's most innovative security solutions. Significant company resources are invested in the research and development of electronic security systems to maintain the technological leadership position Apollo has earned in the competitive security market.

While our specialty at Apollo is providing the complete security solution for large and mid-size projects, with our flexible systems we can also offer advanced solutions for smaller projects with expansion potential. Apollo systems integrate access control, alarm, fire protection, CCTV, badging and third party subsystems. From small single door facilities to multiple sites with thousands of users, Apollo has the solution.

Apollo offers an array of powerful products - intelligent controllers with 32 bit processors and flash memory, security systems with three levels of database redundancy, digitally encoded communications that foil attempts to compromise system security and other unique developments.

With the latest electronic in house manufacturing technology, superior product design, quality control and precise surface mount technology, Apollo products experience 1,120,500 hours (127 years!) mean time between failures.

Apollo technology also includes Windows 2000/NT software solutions. A complete user-oriented package with all security management tools has been assembled at Apollo. Apollo has the solution.

Apollo products conform to Community European regulations and UL standards.