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APACS 3000 Access Control, Building Automation and Alarm Management Software

APACS 3000 is innovative software developed by AAM Systems. Software complex APACS 3000 is an integrated security system, it offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, fire protection, digital video, building automation functionality. In addition, APACS3000 also provides data exchange with third party human resources programs, time & attendance and visitor management packages.
About software

Flexible price and license policy(software is available in three packages Pro, Standard, Lite) makesAPACS 3000ideal for a wide range of customers - from small office with 4-5 doors to large enterprise with hundreds of doors. Packages differ by functional features of applications.

Here is a complete functional of Pro package:

  • Console
  • Alarm mode
  • Cardholder configuration
  • Reporter
  • Badge Design
  • Graphic Maps
  • Hardware State Monitor
  • Checkpoints
  • Person Location Monitor
  • Video Verification
  • Reaction mechanism/Macros
  • Custom HTML form support

APACS 3000isconstantly improving and modifying. New functionality and capabilities are frequently appending.

APACS 3000has amodular structure.This special modular structure provides additional security and convenience by distributing tasks to different operators. Security and building automation systems can be monitored, controlled and configured from any workstation, provided with the required permission. It gives customers a full range of required functionality. Many individual modules are available for custom needs. AlsoAPACS 3000software and hardware can beeasily expandedby adding new hardware drivers and installations or recent software modules. Flexible architecture suits any requirements from standalone system to enterprise solutions.

Users can select between Interbase and MS SQL databases.

Client-server Technologywas used in suite development. According to this,APACS 3000is built as a combination of server and client levels. Server level executes basic system functions, such as: operating with equipment, data storage control, data access, rights control. Client level, realized as client application, provides user with an interface helping to work with system. The division of application suite functional into client and server levels providesAPACS 3000immensescalability. The second result of client server technology isstability. For instance, if one client application stops operating, it is not critical for all system in common, because basic functions are executed at server level.

APACS 3000provides administrator, installer and system integrator with special tools, solutions and technologies to enhance installation and maintenance processes as well as it provides operator with convenient handy tools to simplify common everyday tasks.

Here are some benefits:

  • Convenientconfiguration management. A specialized "Console" application for installer and administrator allows quick hardware reconfiguration and also provides online feedback of the online hardware state showed in the hardware tree.
  • Event DB Clearing Service. You now don’t have to worry about database overgrowth. An automatic event deletion subsystem will automatically delete old events according to the specified conditions.
  • When state monitoring is essential for a lot of objects, use ourtabular object status monitor. It is a very convenient tool for a duty operator because of its compact object status layout, random or standard template layout feature, ability to control objects directly from the monitor, etc.
  • APACS 3000is based on previous software solutions, which have been successfully used for more than 5 years at over 600 facilities and absolutely new technologies.